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Nathalie Kopsa from the German gastro magazine Fizzz visited Estonia during the Tallinn Restaurant Week and luckily she also dropped by Kau Manor where she had a nice chat with our chef the cuisine Hardi Nurmine. Our Restaurant Eight Legs is featured in the gastro report amongst other star restaurants in Estonia. recognised Kau Manor with the 2014 Award of Excellence for the high score from reviews (8.9) by our guests.

The Finnish Swedish-language magazine Est Elle Norden writes about Kau Manor in their April 2015 issue. On the cover photo, shines Kau Manor's owner Mary Jordan who immediately felt mutual sympathy with the journalist Margitha Sundström.

The Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning wrote a 3-page story on Kau Manor in their January 2015 issue. Journalist Karin Ekhammar and photographer Per Arvidsson visited the manor in May.

Last summer, Lithuanian lifestyle TV show "Gyvenimas" visited Kau Manor, where they were hosted by one of our owners Mary Jordan. The TV broadcast is now ready.