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Event Spaces

SQM Theatre style Diplomat style Banquet style Cocktail style
Ballroom 104 130 pax 40 pax 96 pax 100 pax
Hunting Room 23 Available for meetings up to 6 pax
Old Kitchen 36 20 pax 10 pax 10 pax -
Restaurant 71 - - 38 pax 55 pax
Baroness 24 - 8 pax 12 pax -
Cellar 34 30 pax 20 pax 20 pax -
Coach House Studio 65 40 pax 26 pax - 40 pax
Library Available on request
Absinthe House Available only during summer
Concert Hall Available only during summer
Manor Park Open all year round

The capacities of event spaces referred in the table are approximate. All event spaces of the manor are customisable according to the customer’s requests. Consult with the Event Manager for the best results.

Kau's Unique Interior

Come enjoy our beautiful space. At Kau Manor, you will find the most magical setting for your event. Visit us and be surprised.